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Welcome to the official blog of Eredan Arena ! You might have a few questions about what kind of content will be posted here and why. This first, brand new article is here to explain it all.

Feerik, why you doing this ?!

We’ve wanted for some time now a place where our players could have access to a new kind of in-depth content. Facebook and other social media are great to communicate key information, but they are not well suited to what we have in mind here. We want our players to have a greater insight into the game and the company behind it, having a blog thus seemed a good way of achieving that. It’s about content the staff normally doesn’t have the opportunity to share and also content made by players.
Bottom line, this blog is made for those who love to learn more about Eredan Arena and for those who feel like sharing valuable content about it.

What can we expect to find in coming articles ?

  • Detailed patch notes
  • Behind the scenes” content

  • Player and staff member interviews

  • Advice about strategy and gameplay

  • Clan Wars rankings and season recaps

  • Whatever else you would be interested in

Important : this blog is not only about Feerik supplying content to you, it’s also the opportunity for you players to share your thoughts about the game. You have an idea for an article you would like to write ? Contact us through our official Facebook page and let’s discuss it, if it’s good we’ll be glad to publish it !

That’s it for our first article, we hope that you’ll dig what’s coming next ! If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, you’re free to share them with us in the comment section.

Have a great week-end Gladiators !